Grant’s Column: Introducing the Richter Scale

Welcome to the Richter Scale!  I’m Grant Richter, and this is where I talk about stuff. 

I’ll be perfectly honest, when Herman came to me with the idea of writing a weekly blog post, I wasn’t entirely on board. I’ve run a few blogs before, each one devoted to a specific character. Every time I start one it’s the most fun thing in the world and it feels like it’s going to be my jam for the rest of my life. After a few months, though, because I’m fairly mercurial, I lose my enthusiasm for said character and, while I can talk about a subject all day long, spending a week writing a blog post in that mindset can feel a lot like work.
I’d actually typed out the words “I don’t want to to promise anything…”, but before I hit Send, Herman hit me up with those most magical and wonderful of words “You can write about whatever you want”.
I can definitely do that.
So that’s what I’ll be doing with this article, writing about whatever I’m passionate about in comicdom at the given moment, or whatever I find interesting, exceptional, reprehensible, or otherwise noteworthy (I’m going to try to keep it mostly positive, but there is some stuff out there that deserves a thorough roasting in the name of all that is good). I’ll mostly stick to reviews of what stood out the most of what I’ve read that week (on Marvel Unlimited, because I’m cheap), but also my thoughts on various writers, artists, trends, and social issues as they’re analogued in comics
Also Cable.  Expect frequent mentions of Cable.
I hope you think the things that fall out of my brain into the blogosphere are interesting and amusing. Also, if there is a title, a run, an issue, a theme, creator, etc in comics that you have strong feelings about, and you are curious as to how it filters through the shenanigans that are my thought processes, feel free to hit me up here on the site, or on Twitter @BrotherAskani and I’ll see what I can do.
Until next time
[insert clever sign off here]

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