Podcast Addendum: Into The Weird Ep. 5 – Marvel Premiere #3 “While The World Spins Mad!”

Hey there, Weirdos.

On our recent episode Grant and I promised to post some of the memorable panels from Marvel Premiere #3 that we discussed. So, for your viewing pleasure, feast your eyes on Barry Windsor Smith UNCHAINED.

A few reminders related to the art: Notice the glare of the onrushing lights reflected in Stephen’s right eye in the cover image above. Grant spotted this and mentioned it on the show, and I love it. SUCH an amazing eye for detail by the colorist/artist? I’m pretty sure it was Barry Smith, even though the issue doesn’t credit him as the colorist.

Check out the Rain Panel sequence above. We both gushed about the left hand panel on the podcast, where you can see the rain running down Stephen’s face. Masterful. Steve really needs to pay more attention to mundane life, though. How ignominous would it be to have the Sorcerer Supreme die because of reckless jaywalking?

Above you can see the Ancient One and the Seeing-Stone Orb with its funky base/stand that looks like a cursive ‘L”. The design, I’m sure you’ll all agree, has to be seen to be believed. I desperately want one for my living room.

“My heart is filled with burning RAGE!” Temper, temper, Stephen. Now just look at the panel where he hefts the orb and tell me that doesn’t look like a mean little elf (pointy ears included) venting his fury on a Christmas ornament.

These panels above contain the sequence Grant mentioned that freaked him out. The stone-like visage of Stephen’s empty shell abruptly becomes animated, freezing Astral Steve in his tracks. Chilling.

The above panels lead up to our favorite bit of art from the issue. Here we see the dream defenestration of Stephen’s corporeal body and the tearing of his clothing, which will still be evident once he returns to the material plane later on. Again, credit goes to Grant for spotting this. Stephen might live on Bleeker Street, but Grant definitely spends most of his time on Baker Street, if y’know what I mean, wink wink.

AAAAND…the moneyshot. Feast your eyes, weird readers, on the wonder and grandeur oozing from Barry Windsor Smith’s pen.

The following few panels I present as a bonus, because Grant plugged this series during our later segments. In DOCTOR STRANGE: THE OATH, these were some of our favorite panels:

Iron Fist and Arana chilling in Night Nurse’s Reception Room, shooting the breeze.

Night Nurse meeting both Stephens (astral and physical) at the same time. Love at first sight? I’d like to think so.

Stephen getting ready to kick all kindsa ass. Check out the surgical scars on his hands. Artist Marcos Martin killed it in this panel.

Steve in a panel that would give Bruce Lee goosebumps. Notice the Leopard Punch fist preparation Grant mentioned on the show. Sorcerer Supreme becomes BADASS Supreme.

And that’s it, folks. Hope you enjoyed these weird little tidbits. Feedback is always welcome.

Stay weird, mystical ones



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