Our Weird Odyssey Through The Bronze Age Begins

It’s almost funny… I really do have a sick sense of humor about some of this stuff

— Steve Gerber, Comic Scribe Extraordinaire

To whosoever reads this little missive that I’m penning at the genesis of this blog, I want to first and foremost say THANK YOU. Thank you for joining us on our journey, and thank you for (possibly) listening to the podcast, and maybe even getting the value for your time spent out of it. At the end of the day, we’re all on this weird trek together, and we couldn’t do it without you, our Audience of The Weird.

I say ‘we’, and by this I am referring to myself, Herman, and my comic bro Grant here. It was in early 2017 that we first became friends on Twitter, and soon after that we started talking about the possibility of putting a podcast out there. Eventually it happened, but our first try was merely a stepping stone to what we would eventually stumble into. Our initial ‘cast we named The Krakathoom Retro Comic Review, but despite a catchy title it quickly went the way of the dodo. Months after that humbling failure, we gathered our wits and gave it a second try, this time focusing on what we love almost more than life itself – the BRONZE AGE of Marvel Comics. That’s when things finally clicked. And whatever it was that Grant and I rediscovered that made us all giddy to relive our comic book saturated childhoods, we want to share that with you, our weird brothers and sisters out there. So thanks again for joining us on this crazy train as we plunge headlong… INTO THE WEIRD.

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