Podcast Addendum: Episode 11 – Top 5 Marvel Bronze Age Villains

Greetings, Weirdlings

After a a long vacation in August Billy and I finally recouped enough to assault your ears with yet another episode of Into The Weird. Just for fun, we decided to include something we recorded a while ago, when we had some free time and decided to just throw together a random bunch of our favorite Bronze Age Supervillains that fall under the umbrella of WEIRD.

On the podcast we did a countdown of our top 5 wacky villains, but because it’s always more convenient to have the visuals readily available when discussing character appearances (what they actually look like, not when they appeared in comics) I have once again included, for your viewing pleasure, a list of the dastardly rogues discussed during the course of the episode. And here they are:

Billy’s List

5. Elf with a gun

4. Doctor Glitternight

3. Mandril

2. Nebulon The Celestial Man

1. Tatterdemalion

Herman’s List

5. Diamondhead

4. Calizuma

3. Slitherogue

2. Foolkiller

1. The Headmen

Whose list do you think cuts it to the quick, readers? Let us know (it’s probably Billy’s, but what can I say, I tried my best).

Before I forget, though, here’s the list of some of our honorable mentions:


The Cockroach:

Dr. Sun

And last but not least, Goldbug!

Hope you enjoyed the episode and the accompanying images, readers. Until next time, keep it weird, and go read some comics!


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