Podcast Addendum: Into The Weird Episode 13 – Doom Blooms and Puffy Sleeves

Greetings, Strangelings

As promised , Billy and I have returned with yet another accompanying post to enhance your INTO THE WEIRD listening experience. And, as always, I have prepared a host of scans from the comics to lay at your digital feet…

Behold! The issues discussed on this week’s show are as follows:

Marvel Premiere #7: The Shadows of the Starstone

Date released: December, 1972

Writer: Gardner Fox

Penciller: P. Craig Russell

Editor: Roy Thomas

A worthy cover by the legendary Mike Ploog, though perhaps not his best work.

Below we see the image that convinced us of P. Craig Russell’s unchallenged mastery. By the Hoary Hosts of WOW!

It also features Clea’s now famous line: “What is it that disturbs you, Stephen?”

Below, the inhospitable town of Penmallow, and the arrival of the new owner of the sinister ‘Witch House’.

That grotesque door knocker we mentioned. Yikes. Luckily the beauteous Blondine (snicker snicker) is there to dispel our revulsion.

Scuba diving near a sunken city is probably never a good idea. At least not when you heard about it from a book called ‘Nameless Cults’.

Below, Stephen confronts Dagoth

The Eye of Agamotto allows us to view Blondine’s past lives as high priestess of Dagoth, as seen below

Some horrid matter spews from the Starstone even as beautiful prose spills from the mind of Gardner Fox as he narrates these ominous panels.


Marvel Premiere #8: The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos

Date released: February, 1973

Writer: Gardner Fox

Penciller: Jim Starlin

Editor: Roy Thomas

Another great cover, this time by Jim Starlin himself.

Stephen calls on his full might and reduces The Witch House to rubble. Note his irritated and uncaring visage as the two bystanders discuss their future plans. Typical.

Stephen confronts some Starlin Monsters. Lovely. The more I think about it the more I think Billy might have been right. Starlin must have been inspired by the old horror movie Gargoyles.

Next, Starlin channels Ditko

And finally, face to face with the evil planet Kathulos itself.

Rather than eating The Sorcerer Supreme like a fly, Stephen’s mind (along with the devastating Crystals of Cyttorak) make Venus fly-trap wannabe Kathulos eat his words.

Next: Marooned on a dead planet! Oh the humanity

Below are tidbits from our newest segment, namely

The Recommendations of Raggador!

Billy’s recommendations:

1) Roger Corman’s The Haunted Palace

Watch it! One of Vincent Price’s most riveting performances. But really, aren’t they all?

2) Spiderman and Doctor Strange – The Way to Dusty Death

Billy swears by this GN, which means I have to pick it up. He’s never steered me wrong.

Herman’s recommendations

1) Grady Hendrix novels and non-fiction

If you’re in the mood for comedic horror, look no further than Grady Hendrix. But don’t read these books on public transportation. Your hysterical fits might freak out the other passengers.

2) House of X/Powers of X

One of the best reimaginings of the X-Men in modern memory.

And that’s it… for now.

Thanks for reading and listening, weirdlings. Send some feedback our way, and recommend some stuff of your own.

Oh, and HAPPY SHOCKTOBER. The month of horror is finally here!

Stay weird


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