Podcast Addendum – Episode 14: Mamuwalde Got Nothing on Me

Hey there Weirdos

Yet another episode of INTO THE WEIRD has hit the airwaves. And again, we’re assaulting your eardrums with Horror content this Halloween. But hey, it’s fun, so we won’t stop unless you beg us to.

And maybe not even then.

So let’s get right into it. This time around we talked Marvel’s SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS #5 and DEAD OF NIGHT #11, featuring the introduction of N’Kantu The Living Mummy AND the Straw Man himself , The Scarecrow! Bask in the brilliance of these covers and the mags’ interiors. Both are hauntingly good, and are apt to stay in your nightmares for a good long while.

A tremendous cover by Rich Buckler, featuring what Billy described as a Mummy karate chop reducing a pillar to rubble. Also take note of the cop on the balcony, blasting away even though an innocent bystander is clearly in the line of fire. Sheesh!

N’Kantu confronts two Israeli soldiers in the desert, rudely interrupting their romantic moonlight vigil.

And here we have Dr. Skarab! Really, this is just Steve Gerber poking fun at comic book naming conventions.

N’Kantu’s origin, as detailed by Doc Skarab’s scroll. Being entombed alive without even the luxury to die? Nephrus, you fiend.

Coming home to find an eight foot tall Mummy sprawled senseless on your living room rug is par for the course in a Marvel horror mag. Nah, not really. Only Gerber could come up with something like this.

Pumping an unconscious opponent full of bullets? Bad form, Skarab.

And there you have it, readers. The climatic Weeping scene, where Tear Gas gets the better of the immortal N’Kantu. Another glorious scene only Gerber could have come up with.

The 20th century rises up and brutally schools N’Kantu in the ways of science. An anticlimactic ending, but it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.

Next up, The Scarecrow!

Another phenomenal cover, courtesy of Gil Kane and Bernie Wrightson.

The first page features the introduction of the Cult of Kalumai. How anyone could walk the streets of New York in full cult regalia, even in the middle of the night, baffles me.

Here we see the Scarecrow taking no prisoners. That’s right, kiddies. This is not your average Marvel comic. Prepare yourselves for more bloody mayhem to come.

More brutal Scarecrow action. CRACK!

Rico Rival penciled an amazing splash here. Wow. My only question is, where did the flames come from?

The cultists confront the current owners of the Scarecrow painting, and we learn that the image of the Straw Man merely covers that of the Goat Headed God Kalumai.

“You slime-sucker!” Harmony is fearless, even in the face of death. What a girl.

The Scarecrow and his murder of crows, busting through the skylight. A succession of astonishing panels by Rival.

And below, the Bernie Wrightson-esque ending. Yikes!

And finally, the Recommendations of Raggador:

Hope you enjoyed the post, weirdlings!

BTW… this episode is dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend…


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