Halloween 2019 Podcast Addendum – Into The Weird & Longbox of Darkness talk Vampires

Welcome to our Halloween Addendum Post, featuring a crossover between the Longbox of Darkness (www.longboxofdarkness.com) and Into The Weird!

We featured a special guest, Ryan Daly from the Fire & Water Network, for our Longbox of Darkness chapter where much was said about Marvel’s The Tomb of Dracula #12-14. Then Billy D and Herman plummeted Into The Weird to talk Vampire Tales #4.

Below are the most pertinent images we discussed. Hope you enjoy the latest episode, and the accompanying post.

Oh, and before I forget…


Above, we see Drac facing his longtime foes. This splash page has some truly gorgeous art by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer.

Blade lounges around his girl Saffron’s apartment, sharpening his wooden knives. Geez, get your priorities straight, man.

And below, observe the heartrending moment when Quincy has to take the life of his own daughter. Again, this is conveyed by great writing and powerful art. All that is left to say is WOW.

Above we see arguably the best page in issue 13. Observe, ladies and gents – Gene Colan, master of mood and suspense.

Bizarrely, Drac attends a boxing match, and laments the future of humanity. Crazy.

And above, the brief origin of Blade. One of the more frightening scenes produced by Bronze Age Marvel.

At last! Dracula has been slain. Or has he?

And above, the semi-intro of Doctor Sun. I simply love the way Colan makes machinery seem predatory and ominous. MMMMmmmmmMMMMmmm….

Dracula versus….GOD? Yeah.

And below, some parting shots. What an issue!

What an amazing cover by the master Boris Valejo. Marvel didn’t know how lucky they were to be able to afford him back then.

Morbius takes out his latest victim brutally and without the slightest inkling of mercy. Of course, thankfully, the comic book code is nowhere to be seen.

Above we see the main enemy in issues #4 and 5, BLOOD-TIDE. What a great design. I’ll say it again: EVIL JAWA

And below, the final page, featuring Tom Sutton at his terrifying best.

And finally we get to Billy’s favorite horror comic tale – THE DRIFTING SNOW. Esteban Maroto’s art is masterful here. Feast your eyes!

And that’s it for this year’s HALLOWEEN POST. Have a terrifyingly terrific Halloween, readers and listeners.

Stay weird, and pleasant screams.


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