Podcast Addendum: Into The Weird Ep. 16 – Terracide

Hey there, Weird Ones

Once again we are proud and humbled to present another batch of terrific panels from MARVEL PREMIERE, the series that cemented my love for Doctor Strange in the Bronze Age.

The images below are specifically referenced during our most recent show, Episode 16, where we discussed Stephen’s continuing battle with SHUMA-GORATH, the Cosmic Obscenity from beyond the gulfs of space. Enjoy!

The cover above features an image that will resonate years later in DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths, but I think Stephen carries himself better than the big blue S. What do you think?

Great opening Splash by Frank Brunner. He’s still my favorite Doctor Strange artist, and probably always will be.
Possibly the greatest panel never to be used as Cornerbox Art.
How powerful is the Sorcerer Supreme? Mighty enough to easily commit… terracide!
“Be warned, Corpulent One…” Enough with the fat jibes, Steve. Yeesh.
The crypt of the really ancient Ancient Ones, Eye of Agamotto replicas and all.
Shuma-G tricks Stephen and the Ancient One to release him by way of their magic. Devious!
The coming of Shuma-Gorath! Or, at the very least, his voice.

For our Recommendations of Raggadorr Segment, we talked about the following books:



Hope you enjoyed the episode, Weirdlings.

See you in the funny pages!


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