Podcast Addendum Episode 17 – Nazistein

Hola Weirdos.

It’s time for yet another Podcast Addendum. This time around Billy and I had the great pleasure to pick apart an issue of the classic Bronze Age title set at the height of World War II. You guessed it! It’s Marvel’s THE INVADERS.

We specifically looked at issue #31 of the series, since this is one of Billy’s favorites, not least because it features a Nazi version of the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER. The mad but incrediby alluring Japanese Surgeon Dr. Kitagawa might also have had something to do with it. Read along with us, and see if you can tally the countless facets of this comic that swept us off our feet and had us laughing fit to bust, as it was veritably BRIMMING with weirdness.

But first, here’s some info regarding the issue:


Issue: 31

Publisher: Marvel

Editor: Roy Thomas

Writer: Don Glut

Artist: Chic Stone

Cover Art: Joe Staton

Inks: Bill Black

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Colorist: George Roussos


Somewhere in the Alps, Cap, The OG Human Torch, Bucky, Toro, and Namor The Sub-Mariner find themselves facing a Nazi Frankenstein Monster in a Swiss Castle filled to the teeth with German troops, vengeful villagers, a mad Japanese surgeon, and the descendant of Victor Frankenstein himself, Basil The Mad Cripple.

Below are the most prominent panels that we gushed over. Join us by lowering your peepers downwards, weirdlings.

Here follows the books Billy and Herman recommended on the episode.



And that’s all, folks!

Stay weird, and watch out for those patchwork Nazis.


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