Podcast Addendum Episode 18: Cosmic Obscenity and Cranial Combat!


Hi there, Weirdlings.

Firstly, I want to say that I hope you are all safe and healthy during these troubled times, and that I hope we all survive the new status quo where COVID-19 seems to want to one-up SHUMA-GORATH as the bringer of the Apocalypse. Well, COVID, I say thee NAY!

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to download or tune in to the latest episode of INTO THE WEIRD, where Billy and I talk about one of the seminal issues of the entire Doctor Strange canon. To add to the shock and awe that only a near perfect comic can deliver, I’ve put together a few images from the issue to fuel the fun. Here they are. Enjoy!

And finally, The Recommendations of Raggador!

1. Billy’s recommendation:

2. Herman’s recommendations:

And that’s it. Stay groovy, oddballs. Hug your loved ones, and take care of each other.

Herman & Billy

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