Podcast Addendum – Episode 19: Revenge Of The Fawn

Hola Weirdlings.

Like a fresh cadaver on a slab surrounded by overeager medical students, another episode of INTO THE WEIRD is available for dissection. So get those scalpels ready and whip out those notebooks; WEIRD 101 is in session, Professor D_licious and lab assistant Herm presiding. This time around we talk THE DEFENDERS issues 21 and 32-35, (minus most of 34). These feature a storyline we have dubbed… THE HEADMEN SAGA.

The episode link is https://krakathoom.podbean.com/e/episode-19-revenge-of-the-fawn/

First, the covers –

The Hulk doesn’t take kindly to having his playtime interrupted.
Weird head-trauma makes for some weird bedfellows.
The coming of The Black Rain!
Hold on… didn’t I see this exact scene play itself out last week at a Lockdown protest?
All that madness, death, and murder, just to clean out a jewelry store. You pernicious primate, you.
Nighthawk’s Nightmare begins.
The Headmen make kidnapping superheroes look easy.
Bambi’s mama ist kaput. Cue Green Vengeance!
The carnage is cartoony but epicly incredible. Well done, Hulk. Well done.
A six panel horror story.
Dat iddy biddy wascally little elf pops up in the stwangest pwaces
Mystical porn D&D. Stephen, you dog!
DON’ T f**k with the Sorcerer Supreme.
A hellishly good cameo.
Ah, who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you ❤️
(And your sexyweird gumball head)
Ruby’s OUT of her head!
Seething HATE.
Musical MINDS.
Slippery KNOB.
Animal ABUSE.
Ultimate BETRAYAL.
Ignominous ENDING.

Well, thanks for joining us again, friends. Stay weird, and take care of yourselves during this Black Coronavirus Rain. I’ll leave you with our final segment, the images of which can be found below.



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