Into The Weird Podcast Addendum – Gypsy Love

Greetings, Strangelings!

In episode 20 (or is that 21?) Herman screws up! Yes, this rarely happens, folks. But since it HAS, let’s clarify something. This is the 21st episode of INTO THE WEIRD, but officially titled Episode 20. NOT 21, as alluded to by Herman on the podcast. Remember our Bonus Halloween episode way back when? That show was unnumbered, which led to all this hullabaloo.

Still, you might be tempted to ask “what could possibly have influenced Herman’s near-perfect editing skills and attention to detail to allow such a dreadful faux pas to slip by his guard?”

Well, this is INTO THE WEIRD. That’s really all the reason you need 😉

Here’s the episode link:

Into The Weird on iTunes

And here follows some of the images from the two issues of Marvel Premiere we discussed. Enjoy!

Yet another fantastic cover by Frank Brunner.
This is the page where some kid drew a massive shlong in Billy’s copy.
Check it out below. WARNING: Pornographic!

Billy’s Issue

The kid with the magic marker thought Brunner’s art wasn’t good enough? Sheesh. Talk about blasphemy.
A bit of pornography, courtesy of that aforementioned magic marker-wielding vandal.
This cover, though great, was not up to Brunner’s regular standards. Still, it gets the job done.
Doc in the desert. Meditating like a badass.
A quick but masterful recap of recent events. Featuring Wendigo Nightmare, Kathulos Xavier, and my fave – EBORA
A page filled with tears… and lizards.
Clea gets some homework.
The Doc encounters Transylvanian gypsies.
“Gypsies only live for pleasure.” Yeah, right. Not this bunch of brainwashing Cagliostro acolytes, no way. Lilia could brainwash me anytime, though ;)🖤
Oh dear GOD, NO!!!
“I hate you, magician. I HATE YOU.”
Deep Purple!
Doc meets the pot-bellied Gargoyle.
The death of Lilia 💔😩
Stephen hurls himself through time… into the strange… into the weird.




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