Podcast Addendum Episode 21: Swamp Tripping and Death Stalking

Greetings, weird ones.

Welcome to Episode 21’s INTO THE WEIRD Podcast Addendum post. Bask in the madness of the mighty Marvel Bronze Age as Billy and Herman go deep into the Everglades to find some muck-encrusted Man-Thing team-ups for your enjoyment.

Here’s the first issue under discussion: DAREDEVIL #114 from October 1974!

Writer: Steve Gerber

Penciller: Bob Brown

Inker: Vince Colletta

Colorist: Stan Goldberg

Letterer: Charlotte Jetter

Editor: Roy Thomas

A great cover by Gil Kane and Dan Adkins. That’s right, there’ll be no vilifying of Kane during this episode, no siree.
Man-Thing and DD find their hands full with Gladiator and his partner Death Stalker ganging up on them. You’d think Manny would be able to take ’em on his own, wouldn’t you? Well THINK AGAIN.
Death Stalker shows off his power, and his DEATH TOUCH. That’s wham bam slam JC Van DAMME, thank you ma’am. Manny cries “MA-TE” as DD looks helplessly on. This Kumite’s definitely out of their league.
DD gives Death Stalker a knuckle sandwich… LITERALLY.
The kidnapping of Foggy’s sister Candace Nelson and Roy Thomas…, er Richard Rory, folks.
And where’s Black Widow in all this, you might ask? Well, she’s busy crying her heart out over Matt. Too much RED in her ledger, I guess.
DD pulls a Batman/Mister Miracle level escape AND rescues the comatose kidnap victims to boot. Manny comes through by taking out Gladiator. Everybody wins! But Death Stalker is still at large.
Man-Thing exists stage left with a Squish Squish, as DD ponders probably his strangest team-up yet.
And now for the MAIN EVENT. MOKF meets Muck Monster, as Shang-Chi is blasted out of his mind by the Mimosa Drug and hunted by Fu Manchu’s Si-Fan assassins through the Everglades.
Fantastic Splash Page by Paul Gulacy. I mean… WOW. Also, note the creative team on this one. Legends all!
Introducing Jekin and Dahar. Don’t get too attached to them, dear readers.
Mad Dog Shang-Chi. Grrrrr.
The weirdest page in Bronze Age Marvel? It’s certainly a contender.
Flashbacks galore, courtesy of the Mimosa drug. Shang’s tripping balls when he’s supposed to be gearing up for the showdown.
Zen Master David “Lu Sun” Carradine pays for Shang’s Mimosa fantasies as Jekin and Dahar reveal they are tougher than most.
Man-Thing to the rescue!!
The Bittersweet End.

Recommendations of Raggador

Billy’s reccomendation:

Herman’s recommendation:

And finally, the GREATEST SINGLE ISSUE OF ALL TIME (at least according to Herman)


And with that, we’re out of here, weirdlings. Take care of yourselves, and each other. Oh, and lay off those Mimosa barrels. Else you might find yourselves waking up in a swamp filled with assassins, Zen Masters, non-phallic Man-Thing snakes, David Carradine lookalikes, and flashbacks that would make The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind look tame.


Billy and Herm

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