Halloween Special 2020 Podcast Addendum – Vampire Tales Revisited

A Haunted Halloween Hola to all you weirdos out there! This is Billy and Herman BACK with another episode of INTO THE WEIRD. As Halloween is creeping up on us we decided to revisit one of our greatest hits – the Marvel Monster Magazine VAMPIRE TALES starring the living Vampire MORBIUS. You can listen to the show here:




Now, as promised, here are some images from the two stories we discussed – BLOOD TIDE starring Morbius, and THE VAMPIRE WANTS BLOOD starring Count Varma and a sinister lady named Carla.

The creative team on this one is an absolute feast.
Here we are privy to Amanda Saint’s inner thoughts as she casually watches Morbius slaughter some enthralled townsfolk.
Brock Kilbride! I really dig those 70s style names the writers came up with. If there are any REAL Brock Kilbrides out there, we apologize for calling you all fictional.
Arlene Randolph! Herman kept calling her Ann during the show, the doofus. Memory cue – just think of Garfield the Cat’s girlfriend next time.
Agatha, a sinister-looking old crone, turned out to just be a nice old lady. Thanks a lot for the tease, Mr. Chua.
The terrific movie theater ballyhoo commences! BLOOD-TIDE watches on from behind the screen. FANTASTIC Ernie Chan art.
Morbius BITES off more than he can chew. Badass Blood-Tide gets the upper hand in their first skirmish.
The Clandestine Lighthouse from VAMPIRE TALES #4 returns. In a town as small as Malevolence, Maine, I guess it’s always on the horizon.
Not only can B-TIDE dish it out physically; he PSYCHICALLY puts Morbius through the wringer with a mental assault that would make Charlie Xavier envious. How DID Morbius beat this guy?
The END. Poor Brock’s brains now decorate Arlene’s lap, courtesy of his HERO Duke Mannery, aka BLOOD-TIDE. Yeesh.
Doug Moench and Val Mayerik to boot. Marvel, quit spoiling us. DAMN, we’re lucky.
Meet Count Varma. Someone get this kid a sandwich.
Not even Christopher Lee’s DRACULA can regenerate on this guy’s level. As soon as that stake’s out it’s instantaneous. Watch out, Commissioner.
The incredible art of Val Mayerik works perfectly in black and white.
SUPERB twist ending by Mr. Moench. Vampire Buffet anyone?

And that’s it for another Podcast Addendum Post. Hope you enjoyed the episode, fear friends!

Oh, before I forget – have a howlingly good HALLOWEEN.


Herman & Billy

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