Podcast Addendum Episode 23 – Into the Bizarroverse

Hey there, weirdos.

Thanks for returning for yet another installment of Into The Weird, or is that Into The Bizarroverse this week? Whatever the case, I would first off like to thank the great DORMAMMU for finding a show out there among the infinite alter-earths of the multiverse to fill in for the lackadaisical hosts of ItW. It’s good to know that the Great One has our backs. Or it might just be that Raggador has him by the balls. What do YOU think, weirdlings?

But enough stalling. Let’s get to the comics! Oh, and you can listen to the episode at these links on Podbean or iTunes.

Here are the covers of the two issues our doppelgängers from Dimension DC presented and discussed. Feast your eyes, weirdlings! The first is by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson. The second is by Curt Swan and, again, by Murphy Anderson on inks.

Poor Robin. Those teenage hormones will eventually make the decision for him, however.
Some great action, but BIZARRE poses from Carmine Infantino. Batgirl delivers a nasty drop-kick to a gangster’s face. He’s probably dead, but she’s not worried. Her dad can take care of it 😉
Batman delivers a weird unbalanced punch, which leads indirectly to all the bad luck he experiences throughout this issue.
Batman, unbalanced, lands face-first into the swampy waters of Slaughter Swamp (?) The exposition is off the charts! “I’m taking a header into the swamp waters. GLUB!” Nasty.
To combat the eventual onset of Batman’s Swamp Fever, Batgirl decides upon the most logical course of action: to STEAL HIS BOY SIDEKICK. Let the tug of war commence!
The final dagger in the back. Batgirl shows up with a sidecar sporting ROBIN’S LOGO. Game, set and match, Bats.
Actually, they DO make a pretty good team.
The old ‘You’ve got homework’ strategem, shot down by the Boy Wonder with expert ease.
The conclusion! All I can say is CHINESE ORANGES. Odd!
Some pretty great Curt Swan artwork here.
Male chauvinist freckled pig! But now that Jimmy’s distracted and Clark’s seatbelt has been tightened, we can cue the flashback scenes…
In the flashback story, a UFO devastates the Superboy Statue on top of Smallville High, and Clark will not let it stand. Someone’s in for a super-beating. But what vanity!
An old friend (foe?) – The SUPER TEACHER OF KRYPTON, Jor-El’s most amazing (diabolical?) creation.
At the Smallville High dance, where a certain someone tries to cut in…
Introducing MISTY, the girl of Superboy’s dreams. (Background Music courtesy of the rave-y DEL MONTIES)
Clark and Misty really hit it off. This is a testament to how well he can write a love-note. Conveniently, her parents are out of town. But the true meaning of ‘out of town’ in this context will horrify Clark later on.
Misty DREW, handwriting expert. She’s just joined the Pete Ross club, with hardly any effort.
Super love-making about to commence!
The carefree life of Superboy sans virginity.
But then the Sasquatches come to call. They tear up the town worse than the Del Monties did during their show’s after-party.
Not the first time that super-beath has simulated the power of flight. Or is the circus owner just a few cards short of a full deck? Either way, this is NUTS.
The final test…
Superboy’s trauma is just beginning, as the Super-Teacher reveals all. Has even Lex Luthor done something so truly horrifying to Superboy? Nope, he’ll never get CLOSE to this level of super-depravity.
He deserves to be called a MAN, as he bids farewell to the girl of his dreams.

That wraps up our Addendum Post. Those hosts from the Alterverse did an amiable job talking about these mega BIZARRE issues. Heck, they’re almost as good as the REAL Billy and Herm. Maybe we’ll have a show from them again one day. In this wacky multiverse, you never know.

Alright, onto the Recommendations of…, er, the ENDORSEMENTS OF ETRIGAN

Billy DC’s Recommendation:

Alterverse Herman’s Recommendations

Hope you enjoyed the episode, Weirdos and Bizarros.

Happy holidays!

From Billy and Herman

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