Podcast Addendum Episode 24 – Mystic Picnic Blanket

Happy New Year, Weirdlings!

From all of us here at Into The Weird (Billy D, Dormammu, and me) we wish you a fantastic 2021 and may lots of comic books come your way.

During our latest episode (Ep. 24 which can be found here) we discussed one of the single greatest first issues in all of comics – DOCTOR STRANGE Vol. 2 #1 from June 1974. This was a pretty big deal for us, since this issue unequivocally qualifies as one of our single favorite comic books in our respective collections. Not only does it feature stellar Frank Brunner art on both the cover and the interiors, but it also has Steve Englehart in top form on the script. Dick Giordano brilliantly inks while Glynis Wein’s colors arrest the senses. Basically the entire issue is a whole big cornucopia of WOW from cover to cover.

As promised on the show, here are some choice images that deserve to be highlighted, not only for their racy and erotic elements, but also for their importance to the new Stephen Strange dynamic that Brunner and Englehart were aiming for in these pages.

Before we get to these images, however, I would like to once again thank our Legion of Weirdos for supporting us for over two years of podcasting. Billy and Herm have got a lot planned for 2021, and hopefully things’ll just get better from here on out. You Allies of Agamotto inspire us to improve, and improve we shall!

Now enough sentimentality. Let’s get to the comic!


I’ve never seen a comic book cover quite like this one. No one has. One of Brunner’s absolute best.
Stephen broods in front of the Anomaly Rue. Having just witnessed the destruction and rebirth of the universe, it’s a wonder he’s still sane and not drooling in a Sanitarium like Baron Mordo.
Clea’s idea of foreplay is really weird. It involves rabbits, among other things. Sheesh.
The suggestive nature of these panels borders on Erotica. And what’s up with the golden rain-like effect in the second panel? Could it be Steve and Frank are suggesting… nah! Surely not.
By the ignominious onomatopoeia of Oshtur! Wong’s name need not be uttered when a Gong serves just as well. And why does Stephen’s ‘manservant’ suddenly have to clean his cloak? Could it be that the Doc and Clea made whoopee on it? This is simply too disturbing to contemplate. Best move on!
“He is so much a MAN, little rabbit… SO much.” Clea, basking in the aftereffects of the Love-Doctor’s ministrations, is unaware of her silent observer, who has already taken quite a shine to her. A silvery shine.
Rabbit Kaiju spell!
A giant rabbit runs amok in Greenwich Village, and Silver Dagger (the old perv!) reveals himself to Clea.
Wong is taken out with one kick. ONE KICK. SD doesn’t play around.
The assassination of Strange! NOOOOOOO!
Wong freaks out! Luckily the good Doctor is hardier than most.
Stephen attempts to heal himself AND discern the whereabouts of the kidnapped Clea by using the ORB OF AGAMOTTO, but is suddenly confronted by DEATH itself.
A splash page worthy of applause. WOW.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Alright, we’re DEEP in the rabbit hole now, folks. Lewis Carroll’s got nothing on our creative team! Comprendo? Si! Comprendo.
The worms TURNS…
….and then resumes it’s form in order to MOON Stephen while scratching it’s huge derrière. Yeesh.
The caterpillar takes a cue from the Cheshire Cat and fades away, while Stephen is left to wander the infinity contained within the Orb, desperately searching for an exit. And who can resist a follow-up issue titled “Quest to the Core of Chaos”?

And that wraps up our Doctor Strange coverage for this episode. Next up – The Recommendations of Raggador!

Billy’s Recommendations:


And with that we’re out of here, folks. Take care of yourselves, and join us in two weeks for another psychedelic TRIP (thanks, Englehart)… INTO THE WEIRD!

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