Podcast Addendum Episode 25 – Much Ado About Man-Thing

Hola Weirdos!

Once again it’s time for another Podcast Addendum post to supplement our newest episode of INTO THE WEIRD. This being our 25th episode and the first of 2021, I thought I’d tease you weirdlings with some upcoming news and plans that Billy and I have recently been mulling over. Essentially, we’ve decided to expand the podcast and to provide more regular shows from now on. We’ve also got a lot of extra content planned, and this will be announced and elaborated upon during our 27th episode, which should be available at the end of February.

So there’s some exciting things in store for ItW this year, and we hope that you’ll stick with us. You can be sure that, whatever it is that looms on the horizon, it is sure to involve lots and lots of discussions about Marvel Bronze Age comics and beyond..

Now on to the supplemental material. As mentioned on the episode, which can be downloaded here, we covered MARVEL TEAM-UP #68 from September 1978, featuring Spidey and our favorite Marvel monster the Man-Thing. Check out these amazing images below, courtesy of the incredible John Byrne. Chris Claremont’s scripting is also firing on all cylinders. Enjoy!

A suitably enticing cover by John Byrne and Josef Rubinstein.
This deceptive opening splash sees Spidey recoiling from Manny. We soon find out that the Man-Thing is trapped behind super-strong glass and is apparently moonlighting as a carnival attraction.
A quick recap of how Manny fell into the clutches of evil circus boss Mr. Jardine.
What a way to quit your job. The hippie Nightwatchman does it with flair and gusto. Take that, Jardine.
Not everyone can say that they oncle flew in a plane co-piloted by Stan The Man.
Spidey whips up a web-paddleboat and D’SPAYRE makes his big entrance.
The swamp shack is so much more than it appears to be. Dakimh and Jennifer Kale too, for that matter.
Man-Thing is powerless to stop the Lord of Fear from tearing Spidey’s soul apart. Yeesh, thats’s gotta hurt.
When dealing with Man-Thing, make sure you’ve got plenty of magical fire handy.
Spidey overcomes his pain and fear to pole vault D’SPAYRE into unconsciousness. Not a bad day’s work for an urban superhero out of his depth in the bayou, eh?
Whatever else is said about the Wallcrawler, you’ve got to admit he’s got style. Mary Poppins he aint, but he’s the next best thing in a pinch.
Left alone, miles from the nearest town, Manny and Spidey brood the night away, wondering if it was all just a swamp-induced fever dream.

Hope you enjoyed that, faithful ones. Next up is our recommendations. So turn your peepers to the books we gathered below.

The Recommendations of Raggador



And that wraps up our Addendum post!

Thanks for tuning in to the show and visiting the blog. We’ll be back in two weeks with some more Doctor Strange shenanigans. Until then, take care of yourselves, weirdos.

Billy and Herm

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