Podcast Addendum Episode 26 – Drunken Tea Party

Hi Weird Travelers.

Before we commence with this week’s Podcast Addendum I’d like to say that I hope everyone is staying warm and safe during Snowmageddon. Take care of yourselves, and Billy and I over here at Into The Weird will be sending good thoughts your way.

This episode was devoted to discussing Doctor Strange #2 from August 1974. It contains one of the kookiest double splash pages of all, namely that of a bunch of Marvel heroes (and one or two from other companies) getting drunk on tea served at a Mad Tea Party in a reflection of Stephen Strange’s mind, courtesy of his travels in the Orb of Agamotto. This image alone is worth the price of admission, wouldn’t you say, true believers?

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look at the following highlights from the comic, and ‘marvel’ at the sheer madcap fun that Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner delivered all those many years ago…

Terrific cover by Frank Brunner. Doctor Strange looks to be the big bad here, while the Defenders heroically confront him. As we progress through the issue freakish role reversals become the order of the day. Let the weirdness commence!
Silver Dagger has the most overdramatic method of prepping a brainwashing target like Clea. This includes murderous role play sessions involving mannequins.
Flow my tears, the silver-haired sorceress said.
Silver Dagger uses the purloined Eye of Agamotto to spy on the corpses of his vanquished foes. Got nothing better to do, SD?
Damn, I love it when Stephen levimeditates (is that a word? It should be a word)
Stephen is ambushed by that dastardly dragon-slug The Soul Eater.
The Soul Eater’s innards are a horror show of faces screaming in terror and agony. Yeesh.
Stephen causes the monster to crash land by giving it a monstrous seizure, impressing the Silver Surfer to no end.
Behold! Castle Grayskull.
And here it is, folks – The Drunken Tea Party. Can you spot the company crossover characters? And who do you think spiked the tea? My money’s on the Hulk.
Stephen’s insouciance causes umbrage with the inebriated super-beings, who immediately sentence him to death by pummeling. Tough crowd.
The Sorcerer Supreme brooks no drunken fools at his tea party. BLOMM!
Sadly, Clea’s torment is just beginning.

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And that’s it. Stay weird and keep snuggling through this cold winter from Jotunheim, friends. Thanks for reading and listening to our inane ramblings.

Until next time


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