Into The Weird Podcast CROSSOVER Special – Acts of Vengeance!

Hey there, Weird Ones.

This week Billy and I are attempting something we’ve never done before – a Podcast CROSSOVER Special for The Merry Marvel MARCHing Society of Podcasts.

The episode can be found on iTunes here, or on your favorite podcatcher.

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As promised on the episode, I have included some choice images below. Even though the copper age of Marvel is not my favorite, the 3 issues Billy and I discussed (Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #11-13) had some good moments and steady character development, so they ARE worth talking about. The Acts of Vengeance Crossover, though? Now that’s another matter entirely.

And before I forget, the writers at this time were Roy and Dann Thomas, and the artist was Jackson Guice. All cover art by Guice as well.

And that wraps up this ridiculously short addendum post!

Seeya in the funny pages, kiddies!


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