Podcast addendum Episode 27 – Forbidden Kisses

Greetings, Weirdlings!

I’m so glad to have you back with us for yet another Into The Weird Episode and Addendum Post. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU, whoever you may be, and bless your weird little hearts. Without you weirdos, podcasting and blogging would not be worth doing.

This time around Billy and I are shamelessly trying to pick up the scraps left by the Disney Plus show WANDAVISION that seemed to gobble up all of fandom lately. But at the risk of losing ALL credibility I have to admit that since 2019 we’ve been looking for a way to include The Vision and the Scarlet Witch in our discussions, since they are two of Marvel’s most compelling characters and among our stable of favorites.

Now, FINALLY, that day has arrived. Join us, as we talk about our favorite Super-Synthezoid and his Sorcerous Rouge Beauty here, or on the podcatcher of your choice. Unfortunately we’re still not on Spotify, but we’re working on it!

Below are some images from the issue Billy chose for this episode’s main segment. After that I’ve also posted some panels from my favorite Vision moments. So feast your eyes, and let the weird shenanigans ensue.

Featured issue: AVENGERS #160 (June 1977)

Cover Art by George Perez and Joe Sinnott.

Written by Jim Shooter.

Illustrated by George Perez.

Inked by Pablo Marcos.

Lettered by Dennis Wohl.

Colored by Roger Slifer.

Edited by Archie Goodwin.

A menacing Scythe looms in the foreground.
The Grim Reaper invades Avengers Mansion and demands a trial to determine who should live and who should die: Wonder Man… or The VISION.
Court is in session. Notice GR’s AGONY MANACLES around the Avengers’ wrists. These things are almost more powerful than those shock patches from THOR: RAGNAROK.
The Vision gives a brief recap of his origin and his link to both the original Human Torch and Wonder Man.
Grim Reaper is frustrated by the Black Panther’s use of logic and reason to consistently out-argue him.
Wonder Man reveals his ionic eyes for all to see, showing that much like the Vision, he is now something other than human.
Classic Perez Punch!
The loss of a brother is never easy to take.

And finally here are some FORBIDDEN MOMENTS from Vision and Scarlet Witch in the Bronze Age…

The Recommendations of Raggador:

Billy’s pick:

Herman’s pick:

With that, we’re out of here. Take care of yourselves, weirdlings, until we meet again.



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