Episode 28 Podcast Addendum – Doctor Strange in… “Death Becomes Him!”

Greeting, fellow weird travelers.

Once again it’s time for an INTO THE WEIRD Podcast Addendum post to moisten your tongues and whet your appetites with the wonder and wizardry that was the mighty Marvel Age of Bronze. This time around Billy and Herm tackled DOCTOR STRANGE #3 & 4 (Oct. 1974) by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner. We’re still on the Silver Dagger and the Death of Stephen Strange storyline, with Clea as a helpless victim in the slimy clutches of a perverted fundamentalist sorcerer who effected the impossible – the murder of the Sorcerer Supreme!

Episode 28 can be found on iTunes HERE, or on the podcatcher of your choice.

NOTE: Since issue #3 is a reprint of STRANGE TALES #126 and 127 (1964) by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, we’ll only be unpacking the contents of issue #4 in this post.

Alright, without further waffling, let’s start unpacking some key images from this issue.


Two absolute masterpieces by Frank Brunner, with the Doc and Clea battling DORMAMMU and then Stephen plummeting into the literal jaws of DEATH. Fantastic colors with a suitably sinister horror vibe thrown in for good measure. All I can say to wrap up this brief cover analysis is WOW to both.


Brunner brings it yet again! This is another incredible opening splash that tells you really all you need to know about where the plot is going – it’s the Sorcerer Supreme VS the Grim Reaper, nuff said.


Stephen encounters a PLAGUE VILLAGE at the center of the Orb of Agamotto, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are his reluctant hosts.
Stephen faces DEATH and, realizing that he cannot escape his indefatigable opponent, opts instead to surrender and accept the Reaper’s embrace. He thereby BECOMES Death, and passes the second trial needed to cement his status as the Sorcerer Supreme, namely to become as immortal as the Ancient One himself.
The aforementioned Ancient One shows up in spirit form to provide a much needed explanation to the readers and to reveal to Stephen the ANKH which has embedded itself in his mind; a permanent symbol of life eternal and the triumph over the ultimate frenemy – DEATH!

Alright, let’s commence with our next segment – the ever popular…




Thanks for joining us, weirdlings. Safe travels, until we meet again.

H & B

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