Episode 29 Podcast Addendum – The Lost Halloween 🎃😈

Greetings, Weirdlings and Horrorfiends. Welcome to the podcast addendum of one of Herm and Billy’s LOST EPISODES, a show we affectionately dubbed THE LOST HALLOWEEN.

In case you haven’t listened in yet, the episode can be found HERE, or on the podcatcher of your choice.

At this point you must be asking yourselves WHY you still put up with our unpredictable, scatterbrained, nonsensical ramblings. A Halloween podcast in May? For shame!

Well, in our defense, Billy and I have been wracking our brains trying to come up with reasons to post this episode, and we finally settled on the old and weak “well, it’s halfway to Halloween, isn’t it?” excuse. The sad truth is, we’ve been busy reclaiming a whole bunch of shows that had been shelved due to bad audio quality or missed deadlines. This one was the best of the bunch, so we thought it best to release it sooner rather than later.

And what, you may ask, do we have to show for all the bad planning and weak explanations?

Well, how about a whopping 2 hour long HORRORFEST featuring GIANT-SIZE DRACULA #4 and WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #42! TWO of our favorite Marvel Bronze Age titles.

Below are some choice images to make your journey into the weird a bit more palatable. Drink in the magnificent art of THE DONS – Heck and Perlin, and marvel at the uncanny CRAFT of writers David Kraft and Doug “Were-dog” Moench…

A stunningly brilliant but gross cover by GIL KANE and TOM PALMER.
Ladies and gentlemen… DON HECK, one of the golden age greats of horror illustration.
Drac wastes no time consoling BEVERLY CARPENTER, as she gapes in shock and horror at The Count’s recent bloody handiwork. Of course, his suave demeanor and old world charm immediately win her over. Better watch your neck, Bev.
Beverly’s hometown. An ideal setting for some folk horror.
Just a few pages in and we already witness a brutal AXE MURDER. Poor Anton breathes no more.
In these panels we learn the true reason for Dracula’s trip to the ominously christened town of DEVIL’s LAKE – he wants to take out a supernatural rival. That’s some ALPHA MONSTER-MALE BS right there…
Even the priest gets bitten by the murder bug, as the confessional becomes a charnel house.
Holy…! Is that a talking bat?? Of course it is.
Bev’s father and friend Stu get those weird ‘HORROR BY HECK’ expressions on their mugs as they menacingly stalk towards her.
Devil’s Lake is predictably filled with all manner of horror locales. Gape at this subterranean maze resembling some hellish Lovecraftian underworld a la THE RATS IN THE WALLS.
Bat-Drac smack talks a mountain!
Behold – the trademark Dracula PIMP SLAP!
Sadly, even getting pimp-slapped by the King of Vampires is not enough to deter a father from murdering his daughter.
The insanity reaches epic proportions as the giant bleeding heart… well, BLEEDS.
“You REPULSE me.” Chilling and brutal.
The final suicide.
Ladies and gents, we present a cover by one of the greats: DAVE COCKRUM!
Jack in his newly-acquired CRIMEFIGHTER MODE. That’s right, Wolfboy’s going full superhero in this issue. Sigh.
Two super klutzes making asses of themselves in full view of D-list villain THE MARAUDER and his cronies.
The obligatory Marvel Misunderstanding Melee, in this case known as Hairy Trash Can Man VS Tony “I-call-you-FRIEND-but-try-to-blast-you” Stark.
Jarvis freaks!
The Marauder’s philosophy seems to be “If at first you don’t succeed try again but this time throw in traumatized Zoo Animals.” Also, how often do you get to see a helicopter with a tractor beam?
One of the wackiest comic sequences EVER – Jarvis cheering on Jack’s transformation.
The Marauder prepares to face the fury of Fur and Iron as his lab is invaded by Marvel’s newest buddy-team.
The fruits of the Marauder’s bizarre labors – the dreaded TRI-ANIMAN!

But enough crazy for one day. It’s time for some alternative Halloween reading, as the dread DORMAMMU proudly presents…




Hope you enjoyed this lost episode as much as we enjoyed dusting it off and preparing it for publication. Stay weird, friends, and remember whenever you’re feeling low, HALLOWEEN IS ONLY 5 MONTHS AWAY!

Lots of love




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