Episode 31 Podcast Addendum – Even A Demiurge Has Urges

Greetings, Weirdos!

On this episode, which can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, we cover THE MIGHTY THOR ANNUAL #10 from August, 1982. This issue gets raunchy, folks. Prepare yourselves!

Before we get into the comic, though, we’d like to thank our two brand new Patrons who are supporting us on Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/intotheweird. They are the esteemed Mr. RYAN DALY, godfather of comics, and Mr. BRIAN HANSON, guitarist supreme. Thanks a bunch, guys!

As promised, here are some images we mentioned on the show. First off we’ve got the pics from Billy’s recent holiday, and the spooky lighthouses his wife loves. Check these out:

Now for the main event. Treat your eyes to the bizarre awesomeness of Thor, aka Goldilocks, in the Bronze Age.

The Cover

CREDITS: Cover Art by Bob Hall and Josef Rubinstein.
Written by Alan Zelenetz.
Interior Pencils by Bob Hall.
Inked by Rick Bryant.
Colored by George Roussos.
Lettered by Rick Parker.

The Earth is impregnated by Pink Lightning and hey presto – a bunch of not-so-elder Elder Gods are born.
Gaea and the Demiurge get it on!
The DEMOGORGE is born from Gaea’s womb, sending the Old Gods scurrying for cover. Cthon even hurriedly pens his memoir The Darkhold, which serves as his escape hatch. Devious!
The Hell Gods confab.
Merging all the myriad hells leads to the rebirth of the DEMOGORGE. And he’s intent on gorging on Hela and her chums.
Godly Zoom meetup.
The Best of the Best sally forth… to their DOOM.
Naked Thor proves incredibly hard to digest.
Apollo soothes savage beasts AND Hell Gods with his lyre.
Thor and Hela’s reward for thwarting the Divine Apocalypse? A stroll in Odin’s garden.

Now for some Recommendations of Ragaddor



And with that, we’re out of here.

Until we meet again, Weird Legionnaires!


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