Episode 32-34 Podcast Addendum: Duck Strange!

Greetings, Weird Ones.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site, and I’m not gonna lie to you – it was all due to a heavy dose of good old-fashioned laziness. Well, that, and the ennui that comes with a protracted (but much-needed) lockdown. So because of this prevalent feeling of malaise I’ve missed three posts! After all, three Into The Weird Episodes have come and gone since the last update on the site, and it’s high time I rolled my tardy butt out of my groaning easy chair and entered my cobwebbed study again to address this very concern. A few minutes of pounding away at my still sulking but obviously grateful keyboard led to this moment right here, right now, to the very period I use to end this sentence. You might be asking – what does all this this mean for YOU, weird patrons?

Well, in a nutshell, it means that the Into The Weird Blog is alive and kicking and ready to explore this madcap multiverse of madness we find ourselves in. So let’s get cracking.

First off, I’m gonna drop some images and comments concerning Episode 32 where Billy and myself tackled DOCTOR STRANGE Vol. 2 #6. After that we’ll wrap up the next two episodes featuring Howard the Duck and the resurrection of Dormammu. Enjoy!

MYSTIC TRIVIA – Episode 32

Brunner kills it on covers, so there’s really not much to add here except the usual “Wow!”, “Awesome!”, and “Not even GOD could have done it better.”
After the Silver Dagger debacle, Clea and loverboy Stephen take a stroll through Central Park to deal with that Brobdingnagian rabbit from five issues back.
Umar attacks! Stephen banishes her fairly easily, though. It was all just a lure to get ol’ Steve to enter the Dark Dimension in hot pursuit, leaving Clea to fend for herself… in a world she NEVER MADE!
The Doc has a real flair for the dramatic. Teleporting away in the midst of a kiss? Stop showing off, Steve-o.
Mother Nature begs for Clea’s help. She does it with a spooky call that raises the hackles on Clea (and our) necks. Sheesh.
Clea VS The Unholy Demons of Dormammu at the Center of the Earth. ‘Nuff said!
If Clea knew the expression “The sh**t just hit the fan”, I’m sure she would have used it. Dormammu’s back, baby, YEAH!!


Here follows our notes on HOWARD THE DUCK Vol.1 #6-7. We had such tremendous fun talking about this that Howard is virtually assured of a return appearance on the show in the very near future. Alright, here goes – hold on to your tail feathers, weirdlings.

Gene Colan and Tom Palmer are no slouches when it comes to whipping up a cover either. “There are some things that man – and duck – were not meant to know!” LOVE IT!
Not even a flash of leg by Howard’s pet human manages to get this driver to pull over.
🎵Kama kama dum doo bee doo dum dum… Breaking up with a human is hard to do…🎶
The new governess arrives at the Citadel of Sinister Cookies.
Howard meets the Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, and gets called a spawn of Satan in the process.
Citadel Sinister’s property agent shows up, and promptly mistakes Reverend Yuc for the fowl-mouthed reverend H. Duck.
Bev learns that picking up after a rich, spoiled Doc Frankenstein pastiche like Patsy might not be as fun as it sounds.
“Ah, but they are GODLESS cookies, aren’t they, little girl?” One of the greatest sentences ever uttered in the annals of comicdom.
Behold! Patsy’s science-fair project, doubling as a baking contest entry.
The unscientific rabble triggers Patsy, and she goes batshit crazy .
The cookie monster’s here, but this ain’t Sesame Street no more.
Another arresting Colan cover. Howard faces THE COOKIE FROM HELL.
The Frankenstein Gingerbread Man’s achilles heel: A hungry Howard MUNCHING on its heel.
After the Cookie crumbles, Howard and Bev finally catch a ride to Nooh Yawk, just in time for Gerber to get political. Again.
New jobs at a political convention aren’t all they’re quacked up to be.
Howard saves a bunch of worthless politician scum from an exploding cake after deciphering a secret recipe. What a sleuth. What a duck!
Well, that’s one way to climb the ladder of success. Next stop: Washington!

DADDY ISSUES- Episode 34

And now on to our latest episode featuring Clea and her messed-up childhood. I wish we could say enjoy this one, but with Orini as a psychologically abusive father and the rape of Mother Nature by Dormammu, this one left a bad taste in our mouths. There were some noteworthy moments, though. Just point your peepers at the images below, weirdos.

A fine Gil Kane cover where Stephen is carted off by David Cronenberg’s rage-babies from The Brood.
Clea at the lip of chaos, with demons slobbering all around her. These guys are worse than Homer Simpson at a donut factory.
Umar cheap-shots Stephen! But not to worry! It’s all part of the plan.

Or is it??

The Q’uranthic Guardian starts snacking on Stephen’s knowledge and sorcerous energy.
Clea, sensing Stephen’s plight, seeks to recruit some Z-listers to assist.
Orini hits the Dark Dimension gym at least once a day. Dude is buffed up!
The big reveal! “I… am your father!” Hmmm… sounds vaguely familiar.

Gil Kane draws the cover, but I’m not feeling it. Come back to us, Frank!
Orini menaces his daughter and her alien lover with some stern finger-wagging.
Clea finds her favorite freakish childhood plaything in her old room.
Umar is sent by her big brother to assassinate the ex-junkie Horse, who failed to delay Clea on Earth. She does so in gruesome fashion, with an ironic twist.
Clea prepares for a Pagan ritual to summon the power of Mother Earth, while the Doc channels John Rambo.
Dormammu has never heard his sister referred to as a woman before. He laughs fit to bust, and Umar just stands there and takes it. Damn.
The death throes of Horse cease long after his last hit of junk, administered by Umar, Mistress of Irony.
A father/daughter smackdown that has to be seen to be believed.
Dormammu ceases his violation of Gaea and exits amidst a score of Steve Englehart’s innuendos.
The Coming!




And that’s it. Hope you found something in this pile worth reading. Sincere thanks for tuning in to our shows, weird listeners. We truly appreciate your support, and we honestly couldn’t continue this wearisome existence without you. So until the firmament collapses under the weight of Dormammu’s ego, make ours Marvel, and we hope you’ll keep coming back for more.


Billy and Herm

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