Episode 35 Podcast Addendum – Who Watches The Watcher?

Hi there, Weird Legionnaires. Welcome back to another podcast addendum post supplementing our recent Into The Weird episode where Billy and Herm talked all about Marvel’s WHAT IF? comics. If you haven’t listened to it yet you can find it on iTunes here, or on Spotify here. We’re also on Anchor, TuneIn and Stitcher, if you prefer.

It was certainly a blast revisiting two old issues from WHAT IF? volume 1, and it brought back a lot of childhood memories. For Billy it was #11, the classic Jack Kirby “What If the Original Marvel Bullpen Became The Fantastic Four,” his very first What If? comic. For Herman it was the very next issue: “What if Rick Jones Had Become The Hulk?” Two true gems!

Before we share some images from these two tales from the multiverse, allow me a moment to plug our Patreon. Over at our Patreon of the Weird we offer 3 additional shows every month if you support us on the $5 tier. On the $10 tier you get your very own Bronze Age Marvel Super-Monicker and a care package from us. Your support will help us to pay for hosting fees as well as the means to deliver even more content. If you are already a subscriber, thank you so much!

And now, on to the comics!

WHAT IF? #11 (Billy’s pick) – October, 1978

Creator credits:

*Written and pencilled by The King himself, Jack Kirby!

*Inked by Mike “Mad Dog” Royer.

*Edited by Jumping Jack “Flash” Kirby and Roy “The Envoy” Thomas.

*Colors by Garrulous Carl Gafford.

*Lettered by Bill “Ixnay” Wray.

Uatu the Watcher photobombs the FF! Talk about being big-headed.
The original Marvel bullpen – straight from the mind, the memory, and the pencils of Jack Kirby.
Flo manhandles Stan, something lots of Marvel employees must have dreamed of doing.
Jaw-dropping Kirby Tech!
Funky Kirby SFX!
Jack proves that in the Marvel offices the loafer is mightier than the sword.
The sinister “S” People. WHO are they? WHERE do they come from? WHY are they turning random folks into cosmically irradiated freaks? WHAT IF they’re Skrulls? So many questions.
A friendly field trip to Atlantis never hurt anybody, right? RIGHT?
“Meek as goldfish.” 😂😂😂
Namor reads the comics! How else would he know Stan’s sobriquet?
Yep, we called it. They’re Skrulls.

One of Billy’s favorite panels.
Namor and Kirby-Thing apply some muscle power, and the Skrulls perish in a Skrulltastrophe beneath the waves.

WHAT IF? #12 (Herman’s pick) – December, 1978

Creator Credits

*Written by Don “The Don” Glut.

*Pencilled by Stupendous Sal Buscema.

*Inked by Bill “Badass” Black.

*Colored by Rambunctious George Roussos.

*Lettered by Brainy Bruce Patterson.

*Edited by Roy “The Linchpin” Thomas.

A familiar scene greets us on the first page.
In this universe hip Rick Jones doesn’t ‘dig’ trenches, man. ‘Dig’… get it? Haw haw haw.
The transformation into Teenage Hulk commences, along with some happening 60s lingo courtesy of slang-mouthed Rick.
Hulk discovers his leaping ability much earlier in this universe thanks to Rick’s youthful exuberance.
Depressed, Rick wanders the streets of New York, but in a Marvel universe, that means super-villainy is right around every street corner.
Rick is taken in by his idol, and a Batman & Robin dynamic soon develops.
Super-heroics prove too stressful, and Rick’s transformation is triggered by some hapless Hydra goons who’ll soon wish they were dead.
Flung into the Negative Zone after becoming Mar-Vell’s Billy Batson, Rick soon realizes that his problems are just beginning, starting with the living death Annihilus, the Lord of the Nightdark Realm.
Annihilus soon realizes that he has bitten off more than he can chew.
A classic Sal Buscema punch, followed by a great line from Don Glut – “Don’t JIVE Hulk with fancy lingo, Bug Man!”
Mister Fantastic and Bruce Banner manage to separate Rick from The Hulk.
Rescued by a giant elongated blue hand. No wonder Rick thought he was tripping. What, did Steve Englehart write this?
Hulk swats Bug Man, and is left pondering what to do next. The Watcher is nice enough to respect his privacy.
Finally free from two albatrosses around his neck (the Hulk AND Mar-Vell) Rick and Lou-Ann live happily ever after.
And they’re not the only ones! Hold it… is that an actual SMILE on The Watcher’s face? Will wonders never cease?

And just because we promised on the show to share Billy’s favorite faux Marvel Cover, here it is:

Recommendations of Raggador



Thanks again for joing us here on INTO THE WEIRD. Hope to see you all back again soon.

Stay weird

Billy & Herm

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