Podcast Addendum Episode 37 – Monster Party

Hey there, Octoberlings!

Have you listened to Episode 37 yet? If not you can find it on Apple Podcasts HERE , on Spotify HERE , and on just about every other podcatcher of your choice. This episode marked the first of our Halloween offerings for October 2021, and boy was it a fun one to record. We covered some Spidey action in MARVEL TEAM-UP #36 and #37, which featured not one, but TWO marvelously mighty marvel monsters. First up is the MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN, OR ‘Franky’ as the wallcrawler likes to refer to him. Writer Gerry Conway manages to work a lot of nuance into his personality, which isn’t always easy to do with a monster character (unless he’s The Thing). Then we meet up with John Jameson, son of Chief Spider-Man hater J. Jonah Jameson. Throw in the mad scientist Ludwig Von Shtupf, and the monster party’s invitation list is complete.

Well, let’s get to the comics then, shall we? Here are some choice images from the issues below. Drink them in, and bask in the weirdness they exude as we hit 88 mph in our DeLorean of The Weird…

A great cover by Ed Hannigan and Mike Esposito, though the caption boxes do make it look like a Silver Age DC title.
Spidey starts the tale by thwarting some petty crooks. One of em’s called “Hermie.” 😂😂
After getting blasted and mysteriously transported to the Balkans, Spidey wakes up and meets his new room-mate… The Frankenstein Monster!
Introducing Baron Ludwig Von Shtupf! People named him insane, and (big surprise) they were right.
Spidey FTW! “Oh, to have the proportionate strength of a spider,” laments the Monster.
Franky gives a quick recap of his recent adventures.
These scenes are straight from the Marvel movie “The SHIELD Agent Who Loved Me.”
SHIELD Agents don’t know the meaning of the word “gratitude.”
Cozy setting, Agent Klemmer. But how in the ever lovin’ heck did you manage to drag these two to the cabin?

Now that a monster and a superhero have been recruited, Agent Klemmer enacts her strikingly original plan – STORMING THE CASTLE.
Yup. Things go from bad to worse. Enter… the MAN-WOLF!
Another great cover by Ed Hannigan, with inks by John Romita. Man-Wolf puts Spidey in a leg- lock. Freaky!
“Madhouse” is putting it lightly. It’s a full-fledged slugfest of utter insanity.
On the ropes, Man-Wolf spots easier prey. He eventually ends up kidnapping Klemmer and jumping through a window, leaving Spidey and Franky at the tender mercies of Von Shtupf.
A super-weapon takes out our heroes with one blast. Rather than make monsters, old Ludwig should just go ahead and patent that. He’ll be rolling in dough in no time.
Von Shtupf reveals the full scope of his evil scheme.
Our heroes stare the terrible fate of vivisection in the face, and manage not to soil their pants. Admirable!
Man-Wolf battles regular wolves for the life of Agent Klemmer.
This time it’s Franky FTW. “Oh to have the proportionate strength of a giant blue patchwork man” laments Spidey.
Nothing wakes you up like a web cartridge in the morning. Fwut!
Ludwig Von Crybaby!
The villain might be apprehended, but there’s still the Man-Wolf to deal with.
Spidey saves Man-Wolf from a possibly fatal tumble, and he does so without snapping his back. Looks like our hero has learned from past mistakes.
In the end, Klemmer and Spidey trample all over Franky’s heart with their callous words. Sheesh!




And that wraps up another Addendum Post. See you in the funny pages, weirdos.


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