Into The Weird Ep. 38 Podcast Addendum – Mad Mordo II

Hola, Weird Ones.

Having finally sorted out my issues with a recent disastrous IOS update, I’m back posting Addendums to our podcast episodes once more. After being saturated with HORROR during the month of October we finally emerged from the miasma of terror to talk DOCTOR STRANGE again. By Dormammu’s fiery nipples, was it a lot of fun!

Below you’ll find images and musings related to EPISODE 38, which can be found on iTunes HERE, on Spotify HERE, or on the podcatcher of your choice. Listen along, and tantalize your vision with some Steve Englehart VERBOSITY and some Gene Colan GENIUS! Read on!

An absolute classic cover by Gene Colan. It features the foes ETERNITY demands Stephen face – The SURGEON, the DRUNKARD, and the APPRENTICE.
The creative team of Englehart, Colan, and Palmer were really firing on all cylinders here. Some beautiful swirling art effects courtesy of Gene The Dean and tried and true Tom, with slinky words by swaggering Steve…
Stephen enters a multiverse of Stephens, each representing his dark past. And is that the White House looming up ahead? Yep, it sure is. Things are about to get crazy.
This is what you’ve all been waiting for – it’s TRICKY DICK versus Doctor Strange!
Mordo, meanwhile, is still reveling in the power MADNESS has granted him. This interlude does not bode well for the Marvel Universe at all.
“My GOD, won’t you ever get WISE?” exclaims the pilfering POTUS of perfidiousness.
Guess who’s the guest of honor? Poe’s RED DEATH himself! Englehart you wacky bastard!
The Face of the Clown is revealed. WHO SAYS Death doesn’t have a sense of humor? Stephen, however, isn’t laughing…
Our first issue ends with Mad Mordo finding that which he seeks – a prelude to the END OF THE WORLD! Dun dun DUNNNNNNN.
A fabulous cover sporting an ill omen! Can COLAN do no wrong??
The Doc has been transported by ETERNITY to join his dead mentor The Ancient One as the test of THE APPRENTICE looms. This leads unpredictably to a sorcerous smackdown between Stephen… and MASKED STEPHEN!
Doctor Strange is almost overpowered by his former self, but manages to rally at the last moment.
The final mask is doffed, to reveal an unexpected foe – DEATH as MORDO!
Welcome to the vortex of Madness, Doctor Strange.
Mordo’s most sinister move yet – stealing the mind of CLEA, who has come to her lover’s aid.

Time’s up, and the world goes KABLOOEY. To be continued…?

Wow, that ended on a real sour note, didn’t it? Well, stick around for our 40th INTO THE WEIRD episode, which is slated to drop in December. In it we’ll wrap up this ETERNITY saga and discuss the ramifications of these last upsetting panels. Trust us, it’ll be worth it. Now, on to some recommendations!

(Oh, and DORMAMMU insisted we include this link to his new Twitter Account. Don’t hate us!)

The Recommendations of Ragaddor



And that’s it for another Podcast Addendum post. Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoyed this episode as well, y’all. Keep it Weird!


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