Into The Weird Episode 39 Podcast Addendum – Operation Götterdämmerung

Hola, Weirdlings!

Well, it looks like we’re just about at the end of another War Comics-filled November, which is why Billy and I have decided to do another INVADERS-centric show focusing on Roy Thomas’ classic 1970s Marvel series set during World War II. The adventures of Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, The Human Torch, and their supporting cast always make for a riveting read, and the two issues we discussed on Episode 39 is a testament to that fact. Issue 32 features a mentally frayed Hitler unveiling a secret weapon to one of his generals, a weapon inspired by the 19th century operas of Richard Wagner! This weapon turns out to be Asgardian beefcake Thor, who is swayed by Hitler’s demagoguery and agrees to assassinate Russian premiere Josef Stalin. The Invaders are also en route to Russia, seeking to deliver an experimental ‘Achilles Tank’ to the Russians, who wish to copy its design. This sets up a convenient confrontation with a short-tempered Thunder God who does not like his assassinations to be interrupted. Issue #33 features more of the same as the Invaders gear up for Round 2 against Odin’s favorite son, who seems unstoppable. Meanwhile, in Hitler’s secret chamber in Berlin’s Reichschancellory, a certain Doctor Olsen and his mummy-like assistant Hans labor to repair the Führer’s Dimensional Transporter. It is old Adolf’s intent to draft all of Asgard into his army of transdimensional Wehrmacht. Things go from mildly crazy to full-on loco in no time flat after this.

If you haven’t listened to the episode yet you can find it on iTunes HERE , on Spotify HERE, or wherever Weird podcasts may be found.

And now, on to some of the covers and panels that stood out to us during the discussion.

A masterful cover by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnot; two legends!
The Invaders have their hands full right from the start battling Nazi saboteurs in Achilles tanks.
Namor kills two birds with one stone by hurling a tank at the saboteurs’ escape sub, thereby settling the Nazis’ hash for good.
Spitfire and Union Jack engage in some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry to pass the time between explosions.
The Invaders receive the dressing down of their lives at the hands of a sharp-tongued general who brooks no superhero silliness on his base.
Hitler at the Opera!
Mad Adolf outlines his loony Wagnerian philosophy.
Two key players – Doctor Olsen and his bandaged assistant Hans. Their infamous dimensional transporter is the cause of all the woe in these issues.
Thor arrives in Berlin with a mad on, while Hitler counts all the eggs in his basket before they’ve hatched.
Miraculously Hitler persuades Thor to do his bidding after discerning the Thunder God’s regard for the color red as the hue of evil. In Thor-logic, those called Reds must die, especially Josef Stalin. Ahem, Thor, if we may ask… what color is that cape you’re wearing?
Oh, it’s ON. The Invaders Versus Thor with Josef Stalin as the referee!.
Another action-packed Kirby cover with some assistance from the great Dave Cockrum on inks.
Thor trash talks the Invaders AND the readers before summoning rain and lightning to speed up the human belief that he is, indeed , a god. The Invaders are immune to this line of reasoning, however.
Two of the strongest characters in Marvel battle it out for the life of Stalin. Subby is outmatched, though.
Eventually Namor flies Stalin to safety in his Imperial Jetcraft, showing off his knowledge of the Russian language.
Hitler’s sinister plan is revealed in all its infamous aspects. Hey Adolf, why don’t you do yourself and all of us a favor by checking in at the Loony Bin, you freak.
Olsen’s heart collapses under the strain of his guilt. He dies without too much of a fuss, his final thoughts an acknowledgement that he might just be responsible for RAGNAROK.
Invaders Assemble!
Thor gears up for round 2 against the Invaders. Long story short – he beats them up. ‘Nuff said.
Stalin (or so it seems) gets fried with a magical burst from Mjolnir, fulfilling Thor’s Nazi contract.
Meanwhile, Hitler is foiled by Hans, who rigged the dimensional machine to blow, taking out the Reichchancellory in the process.
Who is the mysterious masked Hans? Well, who else but a young time-traveler named VICTOR VON DOOM.
Thor retracts his magic lightning from Union Jack, who was Stalin’s body double and decoy. This leaves Brian Falswoth with what he has craved ever since his sister gained super-speed – a super-power of his own.
Don’t worry, Cap. You and Namor WILL meet him again.

Hope you enjoyed listening and reading along with us as we covered these two issues. Hopefully there was something for everyone.

And now, let’s get on to our ROG segment…

The Recommendations of Ragaddor



And that’s it for another Podcast Addendum post. Stay weird, folks, and above all keep away from those faulty dimensional transporters.

Auf wiedersehen!

Herman and Billy


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