Episode 43 Podcast Addendum – The Big Enchilada

Episode 43

Hey there, Weirdos. Welcome back to Into The Weird.

Finally, after months of silence, the podcast and blog are back to tantalize your Bronze Age taste buds with some delectable Marvel content.

I am still soloing the show, but I hope to bring you some comic book discussions that will entertain and amuse you. There’s no end to Marvel’s 1970s weirdness, so there’s a lot out there to look at. This week’s episode was short, as I had to shake off the dust from my microphone and iron out the kinks in my recording muscles, but hopefully I’ll add more content to subsequent episodes.

This week we looked at Marv Wolfman’s love for Kolchak The Night Stalker, the famous cult TV character and supernatural investigator that was all the rage in the early to mid-70s. Wolfman created a story around a similar creation called Paul Butterworth, The Night-Staker, who briefly teams up with Quincy Harker and the gang to track down Drac. They get more than they bargained for, but Paul, in typical Kolchak fashion, manages to save the day.

Tomb of Dracula #43 is one of my most cherished childhood issues. For this reason alone it was a joy to sit in front of a lonely mic and talk my way through the tale that Marv Wolfman (writer), Gene Colan (artist), Bernie Writghtson (Cover), Tom Palmer (colors), and John Constanza (letters) so deftly and humorously weaved.

And now, as promised, here follows Episode 43’s extra content. Enjoy!

The Cover

Definitely not one of my favorite Bernie Wrightson covers. Oh, well. Even the master needs to show his humanity from time to time. Damn… I sounded like Renfield for a moment there.

The Interiors

Paul Butterworth and his weapon of choice – a typewriter.
One of Dracula’s more upsetting murders – snacking on a woman mourning her dead husband… in an open grave! For shame, Drac.
Harold H. Harold, who survived an encounter with Dracula. Probably because Drac doesn’t bother with worms.
The Lord of Vampires suffers not the foolish antics of a Paparazzo.
Quincy tells Paul the lay of the land.
Dracula makes a demonic house call.
The gutter trash gets dropped, as Paul feels the full force of Dracula’s hypnotic will.
Prelude to the final confrontation.
A cross that’s also a stake… Now where have we seen that one before? The Van Hellsing film starring Wolverine and my future wife? Not sure, but I’ve seen it somewhere.
Dracula hopelessly forgets about the coming dawn… c’mon! The Prince of Darkness ain’t that stupid, Butterworth.
No go on the photo-show, Bozo, says editor Paul Lamenzo.

We hope you enjoyed these pics, and the discussion in general. Now, on to Dormammu’s latest venture!

Introducing… The Shelves of the Seraphim! (aka Dormammu’s Astral Man-Cave)

An absolutely fantastic piece by master artist Joe Jusko. Carl Kolchak, The Night Stalker.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some Kolchak, click on these curated links:

The Kolchak Audiobook collection HERE

The Kolchak series on Amazon Prime HERE

The Kolchak series on BluRay HERE

The Kolchak movies HERE

Remember to share your thoughts on the comic discussed, and what you think about The Kolchak Universe.

Thanks for listening and reading. Take care of yourselves, weird ones.

*Disclosure: The contents above contain affiliate links, and if you purchase through them, Into The Weird will receive a commission.


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