Episode 44 Podcast Addendum – Jungle Action with The Black Panther, and our Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever Review

Hey there, Weird Ones.

Thanks for checking out this week’s show.

In addition to discussing Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever, we also looked at a little series from the early 1970s at Marvel called “Jungle Action” (which just so happens to be one of my favorites). Now, lemme tell you all about it…

This groovy Marvel Comic series has everything you need for a good time: a hero named Black Panther (duh!), crazy jungle adventures, and some seriously funky artwork.

In “Jungle Action,” the Panther faces off against a whole bunch of villains, including a dude named Erik Killmonger who wants to take over Wakanda, and a bunch of deformed villains who are sent to destroy his kingdom. Along the way, he also teams up with his supporting cast to take on even more bad guys.

The artwork in this series is seriously epic, with stunning vistas and lots of trippy stuff. And even though it’s all about punching, kicking, and bad-mouthing your enemy, there’s also a lot of heart in “Jungle Action,” with Black Panther struggling to balance his duties as king with his desire to do what’s right.

So if you’re looking for a fun and funky read from the ’70s, check out “Jungle Action” and get ready for some serious comic book action. Wakanda forever!

As promised, here are some spine-tingling panels that we discussed on this week’s episode. Feast your eyes!

This cover by Rich Buckler and Klaus Janson is ace!
The rope bridge gives me serious Temple of Doom vibes. How about you, listeners?
Baron Macabre (yikes!), Killmonger, and that feisty feline Preyy strut around “The Land of The Chilling Mists” like they own the place.
Introducing… SOMBRE! AKA “The Pandemonium Priest.”
Killmonger just loves hurling Black Panther over the edges of things; cliffs, waterfalls, fiery pits, you name it.
Eat your heart out, Daredevil (and Phantom Menace Obi-Wan)
Lupine attack! Very reminiscent of Tarzan, but the gore factor is significantly higher.
“Silhouetted primitivism“. Wow.
A lonely vigil under the Blood Moon.
This cover by Gil Kane and Klaus Janson is my favorite of the series. Note the skull with the stalagmite through the eye-socket.
A bit of Billy Graham super-anatomy for you art aficionados.
The former Gods of Wakanda – the carnivorous White Gorillas, now reduced to being Sombre’s lap dogs.
This battle was bloody and intense.
So perishes a gluttonous god – impaled on one of his leftovers.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the post and the show, Weirdos.

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